The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

The A to Z Challenge is drawing near and thus reveal the theme I’ll be following in April. What am I doing?
Honestly? After the last few days of intermittent internet access, I’m just hoping I’ll be able to hop around the sites. So my thoughts haven’t yet turned to what theme I’ll use.
Then again, I also have…

A bloghop on the 1st.
IWSG on the 2nd.
A cover reveal on the 10th.
Charles’ blogtour on the 15th.
Then there’s Golden Dawn’s release day on the 18th.
And The Rogue King on the 22nd, with the blogtour starting on the 21st.

Now you may be sitting there wondering “What the hell were you thinking in signing up for this challenge with all this on?” And, to be frank, I wasn’t thinking of the clashes. It may be mad, but it’s also fun!
But back to the theme…
Had my original plans to release The Rogue King earlier on in the year not been held up, then I would have regaled you all on the various world-building titbits I’ve collected for a land that has been seventeen years in the making. I’m not so certain about doing that anymore. I’m thinking it may just be of interest to me.
So, unless I get an epiphany before the first of April, I guess my theme will be “Random Stuff”.

12 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. Well, I have a son named Random, so I'm going to have to approve. =) I know what you mean about conflicts though. I've got my Writerly Wednesdays going all month, plus a few guest posts. Here's to an epic (CRAZY) April!


  2. Random? Sweet! It's like digging around in the left-over Halloween goody bag and picking out a Kit-Kat one time and Smarties another. Either way, it all tastes good.

    Looking forward to seeing what you pair with the letters!


  3. I thought about doing one of my introducing posts for each letter, but I'd be rehashing old posts to fill some of the letters.
    Still, new ones will pop up over the month.


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