Breathless Release and Romantic Flop Bloghop

So, if you’re looking for my A to Z post… that’s here.

This is Krista McLaughlin’s Romantic Flop Bloghop.

The Rules
Share your romantic flop story on your website on April 1st – 3rd. You can tell a real story from your life or you can make up a romantic flop! Be sure to use the blog-hop button and the details about my book release!

Now I’ve never been much of a romantic. I know, horror. Wouldn’t think of it to read my stories, would you? Okay, I’m a terrible secret romantic, but only for certain things and not when I was younger…

This isn’t really a flop I attempted. See in college (high school) I was… rather cold to any advances made to me. I’d no interest in romance. I didn’t kiss a guy until I was eighteen (having been out of school for two years), and that was my fiancé. Was quite happy like that, in fact. Don’t get me wrong.


This is how it went down…
Science class, after lunch but before the teacher arrives. I’ve been quietly watching this group of fifteen-year-old boys go around asking various girls if they’ll go out with their mate. It’s been quietly doing this for a few weeks. I’m the last one. They’re not sure what I think of me. Half the school thought I hated boys.
So, picture me: the outsider, the weird one who could pass as a Goth when not in uniform (I liked black, still do). They come over, grinning and shoving each other in some contest to speak first. “Hey, you wanna go out with Steve?”
I sneer at these boys, give their mate a pity head shake, then say “Get back to me when he’s a man.”


Yeah. That was it. The sole time anyone at school tried, even in jest. In my defence, my fifteenth year was when I lost three family members. Two of them human. I’d enough going on in my life for extra drama.

4 thoughts on “Breathless Release and Romantic Flop Bloghop

  1. Wow, that's a lot of drama for one year. My first thought when reading your story: BAM! SHOT DOWN! MWAHAHAHAHA.

    My husband actually had a similar romantic flop with me. >_< We started out as coworkers. I mentioned I movie I wanted to go to, but wasn't sure if my friend could make it. His response: "If your friend can't go, maybe I could go with you." I stared at him for a long moment before responding, "Next on the list is Sarah..." Had no clue he had any romantic interest in me before that moment. I like that your first kiss was with your fiancé. Mine was in 2nd grade when I tackled a boy on the playground. My friends held him down…


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