"C" is for Charlie … and Crumble

Our household is home to six cats. Except for our most recent addition, all of them have been rescues. Over the month, I’ll introduce you to a few of them, starting with Charlie and Crumble…

Crumble came to our house along with my fiancé. He’s the oldest at eleven years and came from the Cat’s Protection League. It took him a while to warm to his new family, having been just the pair of them for a while. But when he’s in sop mode… he’s a very plush cat. The type you want to cuddle.

Charlie on the other hand was saved right off the side of the road as a kitten along with his brother and mother. They were the stereotypical cardboard box hurtled onto some bushes. That was a little over eight years ago.

To this date, he still thinks he’s the eternal kitten.

12 thoughts on “"C" is for Charlie … and Crumble

  1. Awww. My husband is allergic to cats, otherwise we'd probably own a couple. He loves the critters. I like “To this date, he still thinks he's the eternal kitten.” Sounds adorable.


  2. Oh yeah, I can't understand it. The SPCA would've taken them. Of course, they would've broken up the family in the end, at least this way, they're together for life.


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