"E" was my Equine

I make no secret of me being a big horse fan. Despite that, I haven’t seriously ridden since having my daughter. But I’ve owned a fair few ponies and horses, the former due to outgrowing, the latter … well, there are a lot of reasons there. Let’s put them under the branching term of “not suitable”.
The longest time I’ve ever owned a horse has been seven years and that goes to my boy, Ticket, formally known as Ticket to Ride, commonly called “E“.
Boy would’ve been 28/29 in this picture
He was in his twenties when we got him, bought for the grand sum of $200. He’d a sway back, scarring around his throat where he’d been tied with wire, and a lump of muscle missing from his left shoulder thanks to a bull’s horn.
But that didn’t stop the bugger from winning half the friggin’ games I took him in. If it had barrels or bending poles, they might as well have handed me that first place ribbon at the start. It got easier once I went from English to Western because … well now … E was an old rodeo boy. In fact, he used to cut cattle out in the paddocks for his own amusement. Usually chasing our poor pet cow.
I got tons of stories about this old fella. From dragging my winded ass home to stealing a friend’s strapless bra right off her back. ^_^
We reckon he must’ve been pushing thirty when old age caught up to him. 2000 was one hell of a year. I was fifteen then and bawled my eyes out, still tear up now.
So here’s to you, Tickey-boy. Hope you’re still harassing Cowie in big ol’ horse heaven.

6 thoughts on “"E" was my Equine

  1. I'm a huge horse person too. The relationship with your horse is one you will carry with you long after they're gone. They have a way of making us always feel wanted. Thanks for sharing. *hugs*


  2. I owned a horse in my teen years. What a marvelous time! Carefree and footloose (literally, to my detriment at times. I would come home from the trails with my feet carelessly out of the stirrups, “Nebraska” would get spooked by something and take off with a start, and over I'd go…) Ah, the memories! Thanks for nudging them back!


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