"F" is for FizzyWhip

See this cat?

This is my gorgeous boy and he comes to many, many names… Fizzy, My precious little one, My “B”, Peep ‘n’ Squeak, & Vhip being the most used.

His name is actually FizzyWhip. He gets called that, too.

He was gotten as a kitten from the SPCA. He’s now four years old and an award winner with several first places under his little kitty belt from the years he’s been at cat shows (he’s just been in one this weekend gone). When we first got him, the people had named him “Buster”.

I ask you. Does this face say Buster?

The answer, of course, is “no”

He has this habit of flicking his tail about when he’s happy. In fact, the only time his tail isn’t moving is when he’s angry (we never get normal animals). On top of that, he makes this sweet little squeak that sounds like “whip”. And, naturally, he’s just so Fizzy…
He’s my FizzyWhip. ^_^
No, Fizzy, no internet for you either.

8 thoughts on “"F" is for FizzyWhip

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