"H" is for HurryUp&GiveMeBackMyNet!

Seriously. This is getting old. I’m missing reading all the posts…

For those new to my blog, this will be the third week without the internet due to trees blocking my feed. We’ve cut down four trees so far and trimmed several others. Still no net.

So how am I typing this? How have I been replying to people at all?

Let’s just say I’m getting real tired of lumping my computer to my godmother’s and back twice a week to collect 200+ emails. At least it’s light…ish. It’s no laptop, but it is contained within the screen.

On the bright side … my hiatus has got me typing. Not on what I probably should be typing. *cough*darkone’sbride*cough*crimsonnight*cough* But I do have 8,000 words on a fresh rewrite of Aelfah and some additions to Dark One’s Bride.

I just wish I could research a few things using, you know, the NET!

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