"I" is for It’s Getting Lonely Over Here

The one thing I like about blogging is being able to meet new people, communicate with them and follow their blogs. I tend to do so as soon as I get a new follower and having my routine disrupted is tearing my hair out. In fact, it’s ruined most of my mornings where I used to read blogs whilst breaking the old nightly fast.

So if you’ve dropped by and started following me any time over the last few weeks. Rest assure I’m not actively ignoring you. Once I’ve got the internet back at my house (hopefully this weekend), I will be combing through all my A to Z posts and following every person who left a comment via Bloglovin’.
If you would like another follower, now would be the day to give me a shout-out in the comments.

6 thoughts on “"I" is for It’s Getting Lonely Over Here

  1. I can imagine it's probably pretty stressful, since I know you keep up with a lot of blogs. I'm crossing my fingers for you that it gets fixed this weekend. I'd hate for you to be offline on The Rogue King's release date.


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