"J" is for Jessie (and his doggie friend)

Seriously, you’ve even got a stick in the photo

Along with our six cats, we shared our home with two of the most brainless Border Collies I’ve ever come across. On paper, they’re my father’s dogs, but they spend more time with my aunt and myself. Both of them are afraid of our neighbour’s sheep and are routinely chased by the kitten.

The oldest is Jessie, and generally mistaken for being female. He is obsessed with sticks and fetch (or as
knows it ‘get the stick’). He will actually offer you twigs no wider than his mouth to throw. Twigs!

His playmate is Benji (even though, he’s often called Benny). He’s

… I suppose you could call it cunning.
Often, when we play fetch, he’ll let Jessie go and get the stick, waylay him when he’s on his way back, and then runs off only to drop the stick somewhere for Jessie to bring back to the thrower.

On the flipside, if Ben actually gets it first, then Jessie waits nearby for him to drop it.

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