"M" is for Introducing…

Name: Ma’at
Story: Anubis’ Handmaiden
Status: Goddess

This is the feather of truth, the one Ancient Egyptians believed their Ka was weighed against. Depending on the text the Ka had to be lighter than the feather, whilst others believed it had to be level to grant entry.
Seeing that she’s supposed to be the embodiment of all the good things that gets a person into Aaru, I imagine she would have quite the pleasant demeanour. And because she does this task with Anpu and watches Ammut destroy those who don’t pass muster, I believed the two would have a friendly, if not downright sibling-like, relationship.

Typically, Ma’at is shown with a white feather sticking into the side of her head (or as her head). I opted to make the feather part of her hair, erect only when doing the weighing and, thus, also wanted to show her upon the scales.

4 thoughts on “"M" is for Introducing…

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