"N" is for Names

More specifically, the names in my books. One of my stories doesn’t even name where they are. Another one just names the cities. And my epic? Well, just look at this…

For The Rogue King Saga there are a lot of names. I’ve even named places that, to my knowledge, don’t actually appear in the book. And, if they do, they never actually went there.

You’ve got your two continents: Cynati and Zan. Four islands: Tepol, Jepol, Japek and Loudan. Seas: Kravin Sea, Uncharted Seaand Tymordian Sea. Let’s not forget the two main lakes: Teron and Mystic.
You’ve got your three kingdoms: Mora, Maxia, and Predonia. Then there are the cities: Prewa, Catsckin, Wolka, Contra, Biry, Cyahai, Maxia City, Port Eag, Rapton, Predonia City, Ssstrad and, finally, Mezan.
And the other landmarks: Nomad Camp, Rogue Rise, Meeting Hill, Kamorn Ania (Death Forest), Eternal Storm, Mount Taruthinthe, Flower Canyon, Tooth of Defora.
That’s a lot of places. Thank goodness I’m planning on doing two series and a few novellas there.

Now the Dark One’s Trilogy is an interesting beast. I’m not sure what I was on when I decided the names, but I like ’em. The kingdoms themselves do not have names. Purely because I haven’t thought of one I like.

In one kingdom you have Everdark, Endlight, Neardim, Darkwood and Port Dank. At its centre is Mount Winding and from there you can see the mighty Murkwater River as well as the Pillars of Endlight. It was meant to sound gloomy.
Whereas their rival kingdom is ruled by the Ebony Court at Ne’ermore with the closest city to their enemy being Q’oth(and I chuckle to myself every time I write that).

Of my Works in Progress … sometimes they sprout names when I need them, other times, the idea comes fully formed with names attached. Sometimes these get wipes and reattached.

The Mirror Witch Duology has a few still clinging to the plot. Morthinand Awthern have always been what I’ve called the kingdoms as is The Isleshave always been known as The Isles, whereas Pannis, Angur and Fid are a few of the villages sprinkled along the path.

Dragon is set entirely in the kingdom of Kalon. Most of the names mentioned are dragon related, such as Mountain Hall, Great Tree and Hroff Cavern. But the humans have Byron’s Peak and imaginatively named the high mountain range the Dragon’s Spine.
Now Aelfah is set in our time and in my home country, New Zealand, and stays in that town for its time on Earth. But the tale also goes to outer space where we deal in planets with called Kicttikand Falorcan, as well as blackmarket spacecrafts like the infamous Spectre City. Of course, like the kingdoms of the Dark One’s Trilogy, I’ve not settled on a name for the Aelfahian homeworld.
If you’re wondering how I keep all these names together… I’ve several files scattered about the place in various folders. Not very orderly, but I’m keeping them it together, so it must be working.

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