"O" is for Outlines

I seem to be doing a lot of outlining lately. I didn’t used to, but it has become an enormous help when juggling stories. At the moment, I’m a little nervous that Aelfah will morph itself into a duology, but I plan to type the whole story first and worry about that later.
When my internet died three weeks ago, I sort of wandered aimlessly for a while. Then my muse kicked into overdrive and I began tearing Aelfah apart. I’ve since put it aside to finalise the outline for Dark One’s Bride, but not before adding 8,000 new words to the Aelfah tale. In fact, I also seem to be jumping from one to the other.

For now Aelfah is going through some major changes, much like I did when I rewrote Dragon. A lot of the alterations are minor ones: how my Heroine’s family interacted, what they both do for a crust. She’s left the university setting, going straight into the workforce. On the flip-side, his job didn’t change, just twisted slightly.
The bigger changes relate to how the two Main Characters meet and wind up together. It makes their relationship slower, probably more plausible if I’m honest, but it also means the big reveal takes longer. I’ve a feeling I’m going to need to sprinkle a few hints here and there.
The biggest change is uplifting the whole story to my homeland. Well … the south island, anyway. Yeah, I have a story based in New Zealand (the first half, anyway). I guess it had to happen eventually. At least Aelfah fits quite nicely amongst the ferns and the tuis.

So while I’m hippity-hopping between worlds, I leave you with the couple from Aelfah.

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