"Q" is for Quietly Cracking Up Over Here

Seriously, I am. Going through 200+ emails once-twice a week whilst sitting in someone else’s house is all but killing me. That’s no way to read stuff. Trying to drag about logs that are heavier than my eight year old may just finish me off. Although, if this wind keeps up, I may keep my internet for a short while longer.

It really does settle nicely with all the disasters that have happened in getting any of my books out. We had power cuts last year when I got contracts, then my fiancé’s car broke down, taking the editing payment with it and, later, my car went out in sympathy, stalling a few other details… we trucked on through all of that. Now to have this… some times you just have to laugh.

So! In order to ensure it was out … I released The Rogue King on Amazon site several days before I wanted to, for the sole reason I could not guarantee I’ll be on the web then. I’ve been ever so thankful for the schedule feature.

2 thoughts on “"Q" is for Quietly Cracking Up Over Here

  1. It's a strange thing. Yesterday night, my fiancé's work phone gets a signal and our PS3 tried to update, then it wouldn't connect (nor will my computer), so the strength must be jumping up and down.
    But none of our personal phone's are smart (those buggers are expensive) and our reception is spotty depending on the company we're with.


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