"V" is for Very Big Kitty

So far, I’ve introduced Charlie & Crumble, FizzyWhip, Cinnamon and Mama … but that leaves out one cat. Charlie’s brother, Simba. The biggest of the lot and the one my three-month-pregnant self almost went down a bank to rescue.
I think he might be half panther
Yes, he’s huge. Not full Maine Coon huge, but still a long, solid kitty weighing in at 6kg (about 13lb). Yet, for all his size, he has the quietest voice. Often, all we see is a flash of pink as his mouth opens.
And, boy, is he one longsuffering cat, putting up with my daughter’s cuddling beyond what the others will tolerate (he’s also the only one she can pick up without objections). And occasionally being used as a pillow.
*ahem* That’s not a pillow, sweetie

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