Today, we’ve a spotlight/excerpt over at one of my critique partners, Loni Townsend.


Name: Latesha
Story: The Rogue King
Status: Devil

I like Latesha. She’s a little bit cracked, like most of my agonists. Yet she knows what’s off limits. Unlike some people *coughherdaughtercough* she runs on the principle that if you want dominion over the world, there must be world left at the end of the day.
Despite all evidence to the contrary, Latesha started out as a … well, I’d like to say ‘good guy’ but that doesn’t really fit. She started out as a warrior who was more into fighting for fighting’s sake than in the name of what is right, but somewhere along the way, she took down the previous devil. Likely because he was the toughest fight she could find.
Of course, this created a void and … it disrupted the magical balance, didn’t it. Who was going to see the evil people punished if there’s no one to oversee hell? Enter the “you killed it, you are it” mentality of those who were sent to set things right. Latesha didn’t so much become the devil rather than his essence and hers were fused together. It also makes her one of the deities who have been mortal.

Although this is more of how she was in the days before she was turned into the second most powerful being on the planet, she hasn’t physically changed. One of the perks of being immortal.

4 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. I really enjoyed your excerpt on Squirrel Talk and I really like this introduction to Latesha and her picture. She looks like someones I know! All the best! Mary


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