That little bit extra…

I’ve been looking over my covers during my enforced hiatus. Right now, I’m playing a seemingly endless game of catchup (seriously, when did it become three thousand blog posts? And don’t get me started on the emails…) whilst my connection plays merry hell with it’s “will I or won’t I?” mentality. It’s even more frustrating than not having it at all. It cut out twice when I was in the middle of composing this post.

But covers … more specifically, the planned covers for The Rogue King Saga. It likely won’t be until this time next year that I’ll release The Shadow Prince, never mind the other two, but I can’t help to think ahead.

I’ll freely admit that I’m a paperback fanatic. I hugely prefer them to ebooks, the covers certainly look better than they do on my kindle. Then again, it’s an old one, so they look good on my daughter’s kindle, too. But the thing I like the most about paperbacks would be the covers.
I’m not into symbols (although, I quite like this one). I prefer having characters, scenery and I adore these images all the more when they continue on the back.

I’m not usually a one-book-in-a-day reader. Nor do I generally read books in sync. I tend to read. Stop. Flick ahead. Read out of context. Stare at the cover, front and back. Read the ending. Then put it down to continue with next time I’m able, only to do it all over again. Some scenes get three/four reads when I’m reading it for the first time.

And that’s when I love a story.

I also love picking out the little details added to a cover. The bits that might not make sense at first or even seem like fluff. Could be a sword, a piece of jewellery, some detail in the background. But then, when you hit the part that’s mentions that bit, you suddenly see the image anew. I love that feeling. It’s like rereading a book and spotting the hints along the way.

I want to hear it when people who know the story see my covers and go “you put in [insert item here]”. That happened with The Rogue King. I’m hoping to do it again with the others. It means just a few adjustments and redesigns. But hey, I’ve got a few years.

What about you? Do you get that feeling? Do you reread? Or do you ignore the cover once you start reading?

2 thoughts on “That little bit extra…

  1. Yay! I'm glad you like my cover. ^_^

    Do you have the other covers already commissioned?

    I don't often return to covers after I start into the book, but I do like to look at them. Helps me judge a book. 🙂

    For me, ebooks work better because I've found it hard to flip pages and keep my place with one hand while juggling a squirming baby in the other arm.


  2. You judge a book by its cover. *gasp!* ^_^
    I judge by the ending, which I read first. I'm terrible, I know. I do wish your cover was embossed, though. Imagine how that tree would feel. *sigh*

    I don't have the other covers commissioned. Kind of glad for that as the changes I'm making will be better than what I have.

    There certainly are times when the ebook works. I prefer my kindle when I'm out because I can open it and *bam* there's the page I was on. But at home? Snuggling with a good old-fashioned paperbacks can't be beat.
    And I could never focus enough read with a squirming baby.


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