It’s taken me a few days, but I’ve finally caught up on all the blogs I was following and have made headway into signing up with all the blog I’ve been meaning to add. Our internet now seems to be a night creature, coming in clearly from 11pm onwards and cutting out every so often during the day.
So, with my daughter at school, I’m bouncing between critiquing and writing whilst waiting for my connection to pop back. It’s lead to The Rogue King Saga growing by several thousand words to sit just under the cusp of a collective 260,000 words. Can you believe it?

Also … it was my daughter’s eighth birthday last Friday. We celebrated with a family dinner out and will do more celebrating this coming Saturday so she can party with her friends as it’s “party year”. The deal goes that she gets one big party every even birthday and dinner out on the odd numbers (so, naturally, she’s super excited to have both). Amongst her gifts was enough money to buy the PC version of Lego Harry Potter (Years 5-7), which she has happily found can be two player. Enter gullible mummy who plays the likes of Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age… -_-

2 thoughts on “*Burble*

  1. It gets kind of addictive. At least the 'coins' are a combo deal or she'd whine at me for getting them all. Not that I'm competitive or anything…
    It's a bit of a pain when I generally do all my online stuff in the morning, but it's better than nothing.
    And yeah, 260k for all. It's an average of 65,000 words per book. Quite the nice little number.


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