So, my blogtour is over and I completely missed the last few stops, especially the interviews with Darcia and Juniper Grove themselves, due to the lack of internet and my daughter’s birthday party (not sure how that wiped me, but it did). The giveaway is still active, though. So if you
How many months have I been practically net-less, now? Going on three, I believe. My provider can’t decide what trees are stopping it and our big chainsaw is in for repairs so… yeah.

(Ha, there went the internet.)

It’s shame as I truly hoped it’d be fixed by now. I’m leery of joining in on anything, like Sharon’s Bad Query Contest, which sounds like a load of fun. So, for now, I’m bookmarking and waiting until it’s closer so I can be definite.

With all this downtime I’ve been forced into having, you’d think I would also be racing through my writing.
I wish that were so. Really, I do. But there’s only so much a brain can take.

(Oh look, connection’s gone again.)

New things have popped up, sure. I’ve completed several additional chapters to The Vengeful God, the final of the Rogue King Saga, making the smallest book of the four no longer the smallest. And I’ve one more chapter to finish up there before going back to mull over the beginning of The Forgotten Queen.

On top of that, I’m heavily considering my path in rewriting the final two of the Dark One’s Trilogy. Not the rewrite itself, but my outline for them, especially the final battle. I was planning on letting it go one way and actually have it all written out, but I’m considering another direction. It all hinges on just how far I take it.

Those two series have taken over so much thinking room that I’ve barely glanced at the outline for Crimson Night or Aelfah. Never mind Witch of Morthin, which was meant to be the next one I attacked. Maybe next year when the ol’ noggin’ isn’t as full. ^_^

(And the net’s popped back again to let me to post this. How magnanimous of it…)

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