#IWSG : *Niggle* *Niggle*

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I remember a time where I wrote what a felt like and damn anyone who tried to tell me I couldn’t write about that. I knew from the get-go that I couldn’t please everyone so “I write for myself … I’ll edit so others may understand” became a mantra of sorts.

That sort of thinking lead to a whole world of aliens and gods and the battle to find one’s place. As I’ve been told, there’s not much like that out there. I wasn’t thinking of marketability or even whether anyone but myself would like it.
When the idea for my paranormal surfaced in a time when the market was “full”, I didn’t shirk in writing on. And when the idea for a tale where the soul-stealing lord was a good guy appeared, I thought “sounds like fun”.

Yet recently, whenever I sit down to type, I wind up with doubts. Great gates that trap my characters on the other side, even the ones I’ve had kicking about for years. The major niggle that seems to flutter about like a trapped butterfly: How is this going to be received?

And it’s never the whole story itself, but elements. That question has lead to me rip out chapters, redo scenes and even consider taking out a major portion of one character’s storyline due to its dubious grounds. On the last, I know that, if I write it, I will alienate some people. I can’t get away from it. Fortunately, I also have some years to steel myself for it. But the others…
Even now, I fluctuate between wondering if I’m basically whimping out with not writing the characters as they should be and knowing I’m being true to the story. It’s a new feeling and it’s bloody distracting at times.

I’m sitting here hoping this is normal.

12 thoughts on “#IWSG : *Niggle* *Niggle*

  1. Oh boy. Don't avoid controversy, embrace it. I write about a pretty touchie subject in my recent release and it might be triggers for some and some may not like the way I wrote about it, but I did it anyway because its how I want to talk about it. Write what you want to write.


  2. I have doubts all the time about whether or not others will like my stories, but I know I need to write for myself and do what I think is right for my story, not worry about how others will see it. You have to be true to yourself.


  3. Oh yeah, it's normal to have those feelings. I don't know if avoiding controversy will help you any. I also don't think it's something to be sought out. Write the story the way it needs to be written, and handle delicate topics as respectfully as possible. Always take care when using gods worshiped by people who are not you. Other than that, you are held accountable first and foremost by yourself, not others. You must write for you because you are the one who's criticism you have to live with.


  4. You know there is a saying out there that goes something like – bad publicity is good publicity (?) I wouldn't worry about what others think of your story – stay true to the story!! Don't sensor yourself or your writing to please others… it could be just what the people have been craving.


  5. I know that it's impossible to please everyone, and any choice made has the potential to alienate readers. There's no way around that. Yet I find myself second-guessing each choice I make too. You definitely are not alone in this. All I can say is that you should write what feels right to you. Nothing is worse than the criticism you'll give yourself if you write something that feels wrong.


  6. I think you just have to be true to the characters and the story. Others will perceive it how they wish, and you don't have control over that. No, you can't please everyone – if you try to, you'll tie yourself in knots.


  7. Write the story the way you think it should be written. Then let critique partners tell you if it's too much. But if you don't write from your place of passion, it will show in the writing. So go for it!
    And welcome to the IWSG.


  8. I relate, especially when I look at the third book in my series. I figure some things just aren't for everyone, and pretty much will rely on critique partners to tell me if what I have is too much or not. As far as characters go, I say keep them true!


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