It’s just not my year…

You know it’s bad when we’re not even half way through a year and I’m already waiting for it to be over.

Let’s not even discuss my three month dilemma with my internet connection, really. I have it, then I don’t. It works when it’s sunny, then it decides to work when it’s pouring. I’m officially over it and ploughing through it’s stubbornness. It may keep me from cruising all my fav blog sites (I try, but it’s hard doing it in five minute bites), but it also means I have all this spare time to write. As well as a few mock covers (more on that another time).
No. I’m more bothered by recent events. I went to get my car’s warrant of fitness sorted just the other day and (surprise, surprise!) there was something wrong with it. Well … there’s always something wrong:
  1. It once leaked oil for several months. Apparently the garage left a bolt loose. (Idiots)
  2. It’s lost it’s automatic fluid twice. I’ve no clue where it went. On the plus side, I’m fully tuned to when it needs fluids.
  3. The sensor that the trips the Auto Trans light comes on in prolonged wet weather (and turns off when it hits 1,000 RPM). Nobody seems to know why.
  4. It’s been through two radiators. I blame my fiancé; he blew up the original and bought another that was 95% blocked.
  5. Six months ago, it had new a water pump fitted (no biggie then).
Ah, but this time? It’s got to have a new fuel pump.
‘Cause it’s apparently leaking diesel.
Ugh. Just saying it sounds expensive. But it’s cheaper than a new car.
And, as if I’m not stressed enough on how I’m to find the money to fix it and save up to get The Shadow Prince edited (and a cover), trying to drive the gas guzzler that I’ve derisively called the ‘mould mobile’ (don’t ask, seriously) … the handle on my laundry door snapped. This is the very door we keep shut to keep our itty bitty kitty from the big bad world. Like I can afford a new door handle right now.
I got three words for you, universe. Cut it out!

4 thoughts on “It’s just not my year…

  1. Wow, sounds like you have worse car problems than me! My car's fuel pump is going out too. I have to turn the key to on and listen for the fuel pump to start, otherwise my car won't start.

    I hope it doesn't cost too much.

    And btw, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. 🙂


  2. I'm hoping it won't be too expensive. Damn thing's always taking my book-publishing money. It's a conspiracy I tell ye.

    … wait. Did I see nominated? Me? Heh. Thanks. ^_^


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