Mock covers ahoy!

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to do mock covers for my novels. Even if the picture is only still in my head, even if when I get around to working on them, I’m not in the league of the professionals with their image-altering awesomeness, thinking on how that image portrays the story gets me thinking on the important parts.

My Main Characters tend to feature a lot. Sometimes, even if there’s more than one PoV, there’s only one person in the image, like I chose for The Rogue King. That being said, there are the rare few where the Main Character isn’t in sight: Golden Dawn actually depicts Herald’s charge (I thought it more fitting, considering the story revolved around her); and The Vengeful God will have the major agonist.
So when I went to think of what I’d like on the mock-ups I make for the other two books that’ll make up the Dark One Trilogy. No doubt the covers will look very different once my ideas are in a professional’s hands. But I like

For comparison’s sake, I’ll first show the cover AM Design Studio did for Dark One’s Mistress. Done before I decided the whole tale needed to be a trilogy…

And now for the mock-ups. Excuse the lack of matching with the type…

They were fun to make. They really were. ^_^

So, do you play around with various images to depict your story’s cover before you’ve finished writing, whether or not your let them out of your hard drive?

6 thoughts on “Mock covers ahoy!

  1. Lucias looks pretty severe in DOB, but the covers look pretty good.

    I like to play with covers, but I haven't been nearly as successful at you. I know what I want for Isto and Sovereign, no clue for Invasion, and I've done a photo shoot with a friend for material for the Cera Chronicles. It's just taking time to edit and not knowing how to do what I want to do.

    Are you going with AM Design Studios for the other books too?


  2. Yeah. I probably should've dialled back the anger, but it's Lucias … when he gets angry, he mad crazy.

    I've several stories without covers. Or with bad ones that looked immensely better in my head. I may have to go with symbols for some of the stories. We'll see.

    I think Astraea Press uses AM Design Studios for all their book covers, so if they takes the last two, then yes. If they don't … then I just might.


  3. I haven't really had the opportunity to create mock covers for my books like this, but I would love to. I have hand drawn four covers for my unpublished supernatural-thriller series though.

    I love the colors and look of the real cover for Dark One's Mistress! 🙂


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