#IWSG – Feeling Lazy … and Liking It

Oh, look the first Wednesday of the month has come around again. And IWSG. Heh, I actually remembered in advance this time.
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Recently, I’ve been feeling so very lazy.

I tell myself that I’m meant to be writing, but I find myself drawn more to just staring at a different screen … the TV where I’m either playing games or watching movies. Brain-dead stuff, really. Fast-forward to me guiltily waking the next day, full of intention, only to start the cycle over.

Yeah. That totally helps get things done. -_-

I know I’m fluffing about. Part of me chafes at this unproductive attitude. I think I was pregnant and very ill the last few times I actually stopped writing or plotting. And it’s not that I don’t know where the stories are going. It’s all still up in my head (and, man, is it crowded). I just can’t be bothered to put most of it in words right now.
The being said, I do write a little bit, mostly rewrites on the last book from the Rogue King Saga … but I can practically do that in my sleep (and when I look at some of the older pieces, I think I might have done so at one point, honestly, I ask myself what I was thinking on a daily basis there).

Worst still, the larger piece of me is revelling in this “up yours” attitude to writing. Maybe it’s knowing the school break is coming up (two more days now) and my daughter will suck up all the writing time. Or perhaps it’s having my sick fiancé bugging me for the past few days.

Ah, I’m down to giving myself excuses now.

Regardless, I feel more and more like letting my brain become a big sog. Zone out for a little while longer. Just enough to let my muse pick up all those toys she chucked. I think I might be overdue for a break anyway…

10 thoughts on “#IWSG – Feeling Lazy … and Liking It

  1. I definitely know how you feel! I've been lazy when it comes to writing lately and blogging. I'm too tired from working two jobs to sit down and do anything other than flop down and watch TV. By the time I check the clock, it's bedtime. Take a break and relax! We all need and deserve a break sometimes! 🙂


  2. Ya know, Stephen King takes a break for a few years, then writes like a man possessed. I say write to your own schedule. Let your muse enjoy the cookies and cafe au latte sometimes.

    Did I mention I've been on writing break for a long while now. Probably skewed my encouragement here, as I'm allowing myself the break also 🙂

    Don't sweat it; if you love writing, you'll be back at it when its time. Can't hide in the laundry room forever.

    So, seeing any good shows to recommend?


  3. Thanks for participating in the IWSG!!! Though now I am going to panic a little for you… DON”T SIT DOWN! Erm… I mean SIT DOWN! I think it is SO MUCH harder to break the inertia after a stop than it is to just keep plugging away in the first place. At the very least, make a specific plan to get back to it… At least I would need to. It's WAY too easy for little stuff to fill up the time and then you are stuck FIGHTING for the writing time.


  4. Sometimes, you just need to take a break from writing. Maybe try doing some more character designs? Those might jump start you back into writing, if that's where you want to be.


  5. Is that a hint to bring back my introducing posts? Actually I'm running low on characters I can depict using the software I have.
    also typing on a phone is harder than it looks.


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