Doing the literary hokey tokey

I put the chapter in,
I take the chapter out.
I put the chapter back in,
And shake it all about…
I swear, I am doing more and more of this the deeper I get into Dark One’s Bride. Especially the ‘shake it all about’ part. The amount of times I’ve rearranged the silly outline, shuffling chapters about like nobody’s business to make the week seem normal … chock-full, but normal … is it any wonder my muse took a break?
But she popped back for a few seconds yesterday whilst I lay about being ultra lazy and whispered a few ideas about a scene I thought I was done with. A scene I’ve chopped bits from to use in other chapters.
This is why I never get rid of anything I’ve written. Ever.
See, at first it was a rather risqué scene involving a private pool (of the indoor bathing variety) and the barest of modesties. Then, when I thought about it, it felt wrong. He was in character, to the letter. Whereas she just … wasn’t. Where did my confused little bunny go? You know, the one who’s still slightly nervous and, being seventeen, dealing with teenage hormones.
Yet there are things they should discuss (questions he certainly wants to ask) and finding another time/place for that part of their conversation also feels wrong. So how to make it right? I haven’t known for some time. I’ve ignored the dilemma since splitting the original sequel and rewriting. Fobbing off myself with excuses.
Enter my muse. Sashaying her way in and out like she’s want to do.
Clearly, my Main Character’s reaction is part of the problem here. Add it with moving the scene along some to a place where he doesn’t come off as … creepy, then I might have just saved myself some extra concern. Now if I could just find some peace to work it out.
Hmm. I admit, that may be a harder task…

4 thoughts on “Doing the literary hokey tokey

  1. I love yWriter for that reason. I'll move scenes around, drag and drop from the end to the beginning and back again. I've tried doing that in a linear document, and it drives me nuts.

    Hope your muse makes an extended stay!

    And what about this fan fiction you're writing? What fandom?


  2. Being driven nuts by the chop and change was the reason I divided my chapters into separate files. Far easier to change a number than to move a whole section around.

    Heh. Right now, it's the Dragon Age 2 fandom (I may delve into the Origins at a later date if my muse has any say), I have a terrible weakness for sparkly, brooding elves that speak with the same voice I imagine Veng having. Can't think straight with him glaring up my creative space…
    My inner geek is having a blast, though. ^_^


  3. Heh. She's a fickle creature.

    Although, I do ask myself at times if it's at all strange that I picture my muse as a little red-haired sprite dressed in something similar to Elsa's “Ice Queen” getup.


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