#IWSG – Good Grief, I Really Need To Hogtie My Muse

Bah! I’ve barely been online since the last Insecure Writers Support Group. I swear, if I don’t have the internet on Thursday, I’m flipping tables…

But enough with my mumblegrumbles! Sign up for IWSG here!

The co-hosts for this month are Sarah Foster, Joylene Nowell Butler, Rhonda Albom, and Lily Eva (and, omg, I almost typed “Evans”, sorry Lily. >_< My daughter's HP obsession's must be rubbing off on me.)


Last time, I was saying how I was enjoying a good long break from writing. It was good and, recently, I completely rewrote some chapters. So I’m feeling productive.
Do you have any idea what happens when I feel like that? Overdrive! New story babies … and doubts.

Let me start explaining by showing a picture. It’s pretty new, just a few day’s old…

I dub thee, Kaheran & Lady Adyia

Right. Here we have an elf warrior and a human spellcaster. All on board now?
These two have been tromping through my brain for the last few days, teasing me with bits of scenes. Bits! I don’t even know what’s up with them. There seems to be a battle … some sort of war/revolution that endangers their lives (hers more than his), I don’t have all the details. Either way, it sounds like fun.

But I do feel like someone in the back of my mind is rehashing an altogether different story (beware: old image ahead)…

The MCs of my Witch of Morthin WiP
Lorn and Princess Sarna

Now allow me to break it down to the problem I’m having with this new couple…

  1. She’s a magically-gifted noblewoman (so is my princess in Witch of Morthin).
  2. Neither men have magic (again, like Witch of Morthin). One is a bodyguard and the other basically a mercenary-turned-bodyguard (I’ll leave it to you to decide who’s who, there). So I guess that’s double-snap.
  3. Lady Adyia bears the brunt of the chaos in the end. (So does Sarna, albeit for different reasons.)

Seeing those three lined up there, they feel awfully close. I don’t know how I’d take to finding I am rehashing my own plotlines.
I mean the characters have different personalities, it’s not like I could swap worlds on them and have everything play out the same. I’m not talking about minor details being a problem (an elf in Morthin would be a curiosity), but there’s slavery in the other story, my Morthin characters wouldn’t let that go on for a second more than it took to stop it. Excrement would pulverise the rapidly-moving blades.

Maybe I’m over-thinking it. I do that far too often.

16 thoughts on “#IWSG – Good Grief, I Really Need To Hogtie My Muse

  1. I think you're fine. It sounds like a similar cast, but is the story the same? Do they have the same goals? Is it really the same plot line?

    I think you should write both. And then let me read them. 🙂


  2. Agreeing with Loni. See what your beta readers think. The way you write the gender roles may be the very thing that attracts and pleases your readers.

    IWSG #184 until Alex culls the list again.


  3. From the way you've describing it, sounds like you've good. Don't over think it too much, otherwise you'll start pulling out your hair! 🙂

    No problem on the almost typo, lol. I can't tell you how many times I've posted comments without realizing that spell check replaced my word with something that made no sense! Have a great day! Lily-Eva IWSG Co-host


  4. Don't think of it as copying yourself, think of it as your specific formula and what readers will come to expect from one of your novels. There are tons of authors I read because I like the way their characters interact, the plotlines, and their style of writing. It's the similarities I like. That can work for you too!


  5. It sounds like you worked out your own answer a bit here. If you're worried about it being similar, then you'll definitely make sure to change it up a bit as you write. I liked the idea and the fact that you could tell exactly what was bugging you with it. Play around with it in your head for a little bit or just go for it.


  6. It's early days for the new one (that doesn't even have a title yet), but I don't think the plotline is the same. When it comes to end goals, there are no similarities … that I can think of.
    See, Witch of Morthin has more of a questing vibe and, despite the two PoVs, a wider need to find what they're after. When I think of the reason behind the fighting … it falls under civil war territory.
    Whereas this new story … from what I can piece together, it's more social. She's an idealist sympathiser living in a world she hasn't the power to change on her own (and I got that feeling when identifying her brother who … most certainly isn't). As for the war, it's more of a background threat that turns everything on its head as the story get closer to the end.

    And it'll be a while before you're able to read either story as I've still got the two Dark One's stories to go through … and Crimson Night … -and- Silver Moon… Do you know I've seventeen stories lined up? Hoy…
    Can someone hook me up with a machine that instantly turns all my imaginings into comprehensible words? That would be great, really. I could churn out sooo many stories then.


  7. Yeah, I may very well being stressing myself over nothing, but I feel it's better to consider the possibility and find out things aren't that bad than to not care and be blindsided.


  8. You know, now you've said it, I do recall some of my favourite authors doing just that. I mean, yeah, I've heard some of their fans complain about it, but the similarities were sort of what I liked about the stories.


  9. On that note, I think I'll be writing my older story first. That way, I can prod these newer characters for more information. And get a damn title. I can't keep calling it “the story with the elf” forever.


  10. I've not yet read much of Brooks' stuff, but hearing that actually makes me glad as I've a whole shelf of his books waiting for me.

    Sadly, combining them wouldn't work. It would've been cool, though. Implausible in the older world, but cool.


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