You seem to have a hole there, madam plot…

Ah, the dreaded greebly bug has invaded my house, it snatch my daughter, jumped all over my fiancé and is busy wreaking havoc on my system. Joyous winter, how I loathe thee.

The one thing, the only bloody thing, I don’t mind about being sick is all the completely legit “do nothing” time I get. Housework? Bugger off, I’m sick. Cooking? You don’t want me near your food much less preparing it. No, no. I’ve been in deep time loafing around for several days now.
My muse, however, doesn’t get sick. In fact, every time I do, she hops into overdrive and digs up some entertainment. Unfortunately for me, it’s the “drag my butt out of bed and type” sort that she’s so found of. That’s how I managed Nanowrimo 2013; the greebly bug struck me down.
But plot holes, or rather the lack of a turning point … that’s what I’ve got going on in Dark One’s Bride.
For a while now, I’ve had twenty chapters plotted. Some are 90% written (And I never thought I’d ever write wedding vows). Others are roughly 70% done (Somehow, I’ve got three consecutive chapters that could be described as … steamy).
These points are moot as they all happen after the unplotted chapter. Whilst all the other chapters have an idea, if not words, dear old chapter thirteen just stares blankly back at me. I keep poking it and asking “what happens there?” but all that gets me is a shrug.
The thing is, I needthat chapter. It bugs me to no end having it blank. It’s like following a planned route only to find the bridge is down and there’s no chance of making a U-Turn. All I can do is wait, write the other chapters, and hope the turning point comes to me. ‘Cause if it doesn’t … well, not only can the last eight chapters not happen, neither can book three.

And that would be a shame as I’m looking forward to spending some time with Clara in the Ebony Court.

4 thoughts on “You seem to have a hole there, madam plot…

  1. I hope so. That chapter's been blank for many months now. Chapters pop up either side of it, but no turning point. I'm thinking Lucias may be up for a big-time display of feelings … or let her become the Dark One's Heartbreaker. It's going to be bad enough for him at the end of DOB without doing that to him.


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