Umm … yeah … Hi!

So … it’s been a while since I actually had internet on my computer. A lot of what I’ve done has involved the limited amount of data my mobile can provide and whatever I do on it that I could stand to do on such a small screen.

My typing productivity dropped drastically, then popped up as November and my excitement for at the nearing release of a RPG… Yes, I’m a geek, what of it?
So far, I’ve written about 10,000 words in the last couple of weeks. All of it fan-fiction. It’s writing. I regret nothing. It gave me some time to explore scenarios I don’t see my current characters getting into as well as some more familiar settings. In between those, I’ve also gathered snippets involving my worlds. Hopefully that’ll continue.

On the non-writing side of things:
We’re trying out a different broadband method, if this works, it promises to be cheaper. Which will be nice as my car’s power steering recently bust a seal and I don’t think I’m strong enough to force a two ton vehicle around a corner without it (thank goodness for dad’s and their thirsty backup cars).

My hair is 40CM shorter


Pfft, you heard me. I said I was planning on cutting it in November and I did. After eight years, I’m currently sporting a chic bob and loving it. It’s the shortest it’s ever been for several decades.

The rest it? That all went here.

4 thoughts on “Umm … yeah … Hi!

  1. Wow! That's quite the chunk you chopped off. Short hair can be so liberating, huh?

    What RPG is it? And I think it's great that it's fanfic. It is still writing!

    How's the new internet service working out? Or did you guys decide to go with something else?


  2. It is. Get's a tad annoying in the wind, but it's all good. I was getting miffed at long hair anyway and it all went to a good cause.

    The RPG is Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm a bit obsessed as well, it's right up my alley. ^_^

    Yeah, we changed from satellite broadband to mobile. It's a little slower with several computers on it and all, but much better than nothing.


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