Stories and their titles…

Titles are always tricky creatures for me, which is annoying as a story often doesn’t feel like one until it has a title that fits with it. Usually, the title pops up rather quickly, but my current WiP has bounced around as “the story with the elf in it”, or just “elf story”, for several months now. It doesn’t describe what it is about. In fact, I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out what would.

I also tend to wind up with titles that basically refer to the Main Character. A lot. Granted, I’ve also got titles that aren’t along that vein, but they are few and, surprisingly, they’re also all sequels.
But most recently, whilst I was trawling through the shops looking for a few Boxing Day additions for my bookshelves, I’d an epiphany. Well … if I’m honest, a certain pointy-eared Main Character and a title popped into the forefront of my mind. I know the character even if I don’t know much else.
And just what was the title he gave me?
 Through Smoke and Fire
So now my newest WiP has a title. What I don’t have is a reason as to why my current work should be called that. Is it referring to the end part of the story? I have no idea. Do you know how annoying that is? Very! It’s officially bugging me in ways I don’t like to be bugged.

So yay for a title. Now I just have to make sense of it…

2 thoughts on “Stories and their titles…

  1. No dragons … that I know of. (And I must really watch the last two Hobbit movies seeing we own them and all…)

    I -do- know there's a burning city at the end though, not entirely sure who's responsible for that, but it's burning like someone doused the place in gasoline…


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