Typography. It’s a b– Er … doesn’t come easy…

So … it’s my birthday next month. I’m turning the big 30. Not a major for me, but I’m planning to have The Rogue King on sale for the week leading up to that milestone. And I’ll be giving out details of that in a few more days and I hope you will help spread the word.

Before then, I wanted to deal with an issue I’ve been trying to figure out: typography. I’ve been reading up on it and … well … I’m still flummoxed by it, but perhaps less so than I was to begin with. Marginally. I prefer clear ways on how I can fix an issue once I know it’s there. This is a little trickier…

Let’s start off with a picture of the cover when it first came out.
Not too bad at this size. But let’s be honest here, it’s hard to focus on the title for long. It’s gone fuzzy. That can’t be good.
Moving on.
I went through so many sites, looked up so many covers and fonts.
I ended my searching with this:
A little clearer, a little bigger. And my name doesn’t blend into the background at this size. But, whilst the colour of my name seems to do okay, the title doesn’t hold up well to being much smaller.
So we change the colour, yeah?
Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not good with colour coordination. My wardrobe mainly consists of black and … more black (okay, there’s navy and a few purples and reds, but mostly, it’s black). You know what goes with black? Anything I damn well please.
So I looked up a few more things. Tried some darker colours first, but they clashed with his wing.
This is where I stand now.
The divider even got a matching overhaul. Was sort of distracting otherwise.
So… Got a suggestion of how I could improve it? Go for it!

2 thoughts on “Typography. It’s a b– Er … doesn’t come easy…

  1. Not good with color? Bah! You're the one who suggested I go with gold on Thanmir War's cover.

    For me, I see the title better in version 2, than I do in version 3. But the blue space after Rogue and above King is a little distracting to me. Could you move Rogue off of the wing, further to the right?

    What does yellow look like? Like the color on his pendant?


  2. Yellow … I had to match the golder tones on his necklace as the pendant came off more beige, which I suppose makes sense as it's meant to be a diamond.

    Anyway, I've given it a shot. Moved the text about, resized, tweaked spacing and tried a few more techniques. I'm not certain if it's the colour or the overall effects I used on it to make it stand out more. But it does. A sort of between of 2 and 3.


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