Well Played, 2015

My daughter has at last returned to school and peace has, sort of, fallen over the house. Normally, this would mean lots of time to write and critique for me.

If only I was in a normal frame of mind.
I’m only just re-returning to writing after three weeks of steadily growing agony and two doctor visits, one of which led to a stint on painkillers whose only contribution was to give me a massive bout of light-headedness. Not exactly a state I can write in. Hell, I needed help to get the word “contribution” and that’s without the bloody stuff in my system. Ah well, at least I only hurt in the evenings … mostly.
Not that it’s been all bad. The Thunderclap Campaign for my coming book sale is almost at its goal. (Yay!) And I managed to type out about 1300 words the other day (over the course of the whole day, granted) which basically gave The Shadow Prince a new first chapter. Whether or not it fixes a few issues that cropped up in what’s now chapter two … well … we’ll see once I’m ready to show it to people who’ve never read The Rogue King.

In any case, I’m likely to be auto-piloting my way through the web for a time.

2 thoughts on “Well Played, 2015

  1. I'm at that stage where I'm no longer certain if the pain's diminished or I've adapted. It flares up if I misjudge, but I'm … functional.
    And the doctor believes he knows in a kinda, sorta, maybe, “we'll send you to a specialist to be certain” way. Until then, all I know for certain is that I can barely eat.


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