Taking a Dark Turn

Seriously, 2015 what you’re doing to me isn’t good enough? You got to go after our poor border collie and let him get pancreatitis. Well, jokes on you. We caught it in time, he’s better and we know how to manage it. So, thppt!
Anyway, in light of the past months, I’m being self-indulgent with my writing, bouncing between … about three novels at the moment.

Quite the far cry from DOM,
Miss Weaver

The main focus is Dark One’s Bride, which has recently grown a few chapters and is looking at having another rewritten. I honestly can’t believe I’m thinking of scrapping the almost fully-written scene I already have for a ballroom scene. I’m going to have to write up another dance number, I can’t write dances to save me. I really need to swot up on my moves so I can … well … move on.
I’m also pretty close to finalising the wedding attire. Clara’s anyway. Dresses aren’t my strong suit, but if there’s one thing Clara loves, it’s a well-made dress.

All that is followed closely by The Shadow Prince, because my muse decided it needs a few more chapters before tackling the third in that series. I’m still not certain if I should move the last 8k to the third novel or not. If it stays as is, then the second book will be the biggest of the four.

But even with everything, it’s my newest WiP, Through Smoke and Fire, that has stunned me the most. I guess, considering the subject, I shouldn’t be surprised the magnanimous father is becoming almost villainous in his actions as his son. I just wish he would settle on what role he wants to take so I can move on to more than the first chapter (which I have on Wattpad). Not that I’m looking forward to meshing the parts I have with an actual storyline. It’s a little on the disturbing side and I’m wondering if the ending I was writing towards will suit it by the time I get there.
Ah, outlining, how I’ve missed your tangledness. At least it’s owning its title, I suppose.

How have you all been? Has 2015 hit you for a six yet? Know of some crowded ballroom videos I can ogle?

6 thoughts on “Taking a Dark Turn

  1. Ah, poor puppy. Glad he will be ok.

    I love it when my characters do unexpected things. Can't believe you are working on three projects at the same time. I'd be confused!


  2. Yup, have to keep an eye on what the boy eats, though. Don't want to risk another bout.

    And working on anything within the Rogue King Saga is sort of automatic after all these years, but yes, it does get a little maddening when I'm trying to write one thing and an idea pops up for the other.


  3. 2015 has not been very kind to me and I'm still hoping that it gets better. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Glad your dog is doing better! That sounds like a bad situation.

    I'm impressed your projects are doing so well! I can't even really decide on one project to work on. Keep going! 🙂


  4. Oh no! What is with this year? Why's it got to pick on people that did nothing to deserve it? Crossing my fingers for you, Krista.

    It's a very bad situation to be in, human or dog. It can be fatal, but like I said, we caught it in time.

    Well, it's taken me a while to get this far, but everything is by degrees, yeah?


  5. Glad your dog is doing alright. That's a rough time. 😦

    I'm hitting Through Smoke and Fire now for a read!

    My year hasn't been bad, it's just been a bunch of illness and lack of time. Between the kids and the releases, I am barely staying afloat. I am thankful that nothing terrible has happened, though.


  6. Man, 2015 seems to be all about illnesses, doesn't it?
    But yeah. Our boy's still adjusting to his new diet (no more bones, the horror) and now the fool has done something to his leg whilst playing fetch… that's another trip to the vet.

    TSaF shouldn't take you long to get through, it's like 1500 words or something. Anyway, here's hoping the terrible stuff continues to stay away from you.


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