Chasing One’s Tail

Tomorrow, I head into the hospital to hopefully find out the cause behind this pain that I’ve had for about several months now. The last time I had this procedure, I woke up in the middle of it screaming that it hurt. So I’m a little nervous.

Naturally, I’m handling this in a very grownup manner: by thinking about everything other than what I should be.
Like what I’m actually going to do with A Game of Cat and Horse.
I’d also have one less
cover to have made
For those not in the know, this is a story I plan to publish after The Rogue King Saga. It’s meant to be a companion novella/novel (depending on how long it gets) that circles around two characters who weave in and out of said saga: Laccindy and Jarend.
Meant to be.
It’s kind of complicated.
It started off as a background story, a sort of midquel to the first book, then it morphed into a story that arched over the whole saga and now … well … sufficed to say that, if I published it before the saga was over, you’d know how a few key points in the whole story went down.
But sometimes, I wonder if … maybe … it would be better to slip this story into the saga instead. I can handle two extra povs. Hell, the Godless Series I plan to have follow is going to have at least twice that many povs. It’ll need them.
Half of me feels like doing so would be adding filler. The other half knows I’m likely to run the risk of reiterating parts of the saga in another’s pov just so this story makes sense (I’ve already done that with one chapter).
And there’s the fact that half of the story happens within the bounds of The Rogue King. There are several conversations had with Veng, multiple situations that never appear in The Rogue King. It wouldn’t be hard to merge those points. And it would likely bump up the reading age, not that I mind.
Do I really want to attempt a republish new edition? Just to insert their povs? Would a reader meeting Laccindy in the first pov switch via her first scene in AGoCaH react the same way to it if it were in The Rogue King? What about Jarend and her’s romance (both the sweet and the steamy)? My biggest fear there is them overshadowing the lighter romance factor already in story. This is about the Rogue King, after all.
I guess the only way to know would be to write and find out…

2 thoughts on “Chasing One’s Tail

  1. 😦 I hope they figure out your pain. And I hope you feel better soon.

    Considering the way it ends, I'd almost say integrate it into the existing novels (unless you've changed the way it ends since I read it). It might give the sad ending more meaning and a bigger punch.

    Hard to say with the potentially overshadowed romance, but my vote is integration.


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