And the tail chasing continues…

So I’m back from hospital. A little dizzy, a little sick. And, according to my partner, mostly out of my gourd the whole way home. The procedure was fine and they basically said nothing’s there. That’s nice and all, but that doesn’t explain why I’m in even more pain than I was before. I swear, sometimes I’m better off if I don’t go near doctors.

The being said, I’ve made an effort to press on with my current obsession in seeing how A Game of Cat and Horse looks if I insert its chapters into The Rogue King.

No. It basically didn’t require much in the way brainpower.

As I predicted, a large chunk of the story (some 20,000 or so words) was added to the initial plot. That’s about two-thirds of AGoCaH’s story and TRK, a novel teetering between 65 and 66k, is pushed just a little bit closer to a beefier book. Not sure how I feel about that.

What I didn’t expect was where those chapters wound up.
Part of me should have. The Rogue King covers about twenty-six years, give or take some months, and AGoCaH travels along that vein … and even a little bit after. That image over there is a comparison of TRK with and without the other bits. See how all that red and purple explode right in the middle? That’s the beginning of A Game of Cat and Horse.
So far, it looks doable. It’s not all 100% “here you go, editor” complete (yesh, don’t even get me started on how I’d manage to get that phase done). I’ve got to read it through, see if things still fit and adjust those that don’t. Just looking at it, the last couple of chapters before the epilogue may not survive such a read.
And there’s a few additional chapters that would be required to smooth things out. I might even rewrite a particular scene in another’s pov. Who knows?
So it comes to a different question: What to do about the version already out there? Obviously nothing right now as this might not work out. It’d be easy enough to upload a new version of the ebook with all the necessary whatsits. The paperback* might be harder. If I do go through with this, I’ll certainly have to look into that…
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, won’t I?
* I guess, on the upside, those signed paperbacks I gave away last year would become limited editions.

9 thoughts on “And the tail chasing continues…

  1. Sounds like good news but I hope the pain gets better soon.

    Doing something like this would definitely give me a headache, but if it leads to a stronger product then more power to you. Good luck!


  2. I know. It's like an extra 20k and counting. So different from the following stories. And there's already been a few changes since posting that image…
    Like chp 16 being rewritten to Veng's pov, which I finished yesterday. That should, hopefully, negate a need for chp 17. I'm still umming over whether I need a scene to smooth out the five years prior to letting chp 20 happen. What I'm not certain yet.
    And that last red scene. That's likely to go. Might see if the info can be worked into the other books, but it doesn't fit here.

    Heh. I could. But seeing I've a chance to insert the story into the sequels, and both would effectively have the same cover, I think I might just retire the old version.

    At least my current state gave me fuel to rewrite the withdrawal scene. Of course, my partner's all “what do you know about withdrawal?” Well, that's where research is my friend.


  3. I am so sorry for your pain. 😦 You are so tough for powering through and continuing to write! That would stop many writers in their tracks!

    I can think of so many positives to combining these into a single ms. 1) the romance with Veng will feel more focused on love/affection in contrast to Laccindy's steamy scenes. 2) Laccindy is a key character in TRK and close to Veng. Adding her POV would add depth to him as well. 3) It would add another female perspective. 4) We get to see more of her, which is spectacular, because she is such a strong character.


  4. They're all very valid reasons and why I'm going through with this despite knowing it'll mean finding the cash for a re-edit, which will push back the following novels even more because of it.
    But first, I've got to finish this one chapter and read through it… maybe starting from chapter 15…


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