Catching My Tail

Whoo, what a wicked ride the past month has been. School holidays, people getting colds all over the place and the diagnosis for the cause of my pain has been given a treatment that amounts to basically “take these and wait it out”. It could be worse. But I do find myself more drained than usual and it’s left me dragging not only on the last bit I needed to finish this experimental addition to The Rogue King, but everything else…

But, today, I ticked one thing off the list. The very chapter that needed just a hundred or so words to conclude is finally done. The scenes are all filled in and the final placement for the chapters from A Game of Cat and Horse are now done.
Not everything has made it. I scrapped the last of Jarend’s pov from the end as it added little and sort of spoiled the flow.

So it’s roughly 22,000 words heftier than the current novel. That gives me a swanky 87,000 although I doubt it’ll be the final number (it’s never the final number) as I’ve still got the deciding factor…

Read the story through and see if the flow fits.

I’ve not been reading much, so it should be interesting to see how long it takes me. At least I’m at an advantage in that I can start at chapter sixteen…
Wish me luck.

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