Songs Will Be The Death Of Me

So, whilst I wait for my newest beta readers to get back to me on The Rogue King, I’m turning to other works, not The Shadow Prince, although there are chapters that could be worked on there. Dark One’s Bride has gotten a piece of my time, about a thousand or so words worth. Progress.

My major focus for the past three days has been on a new story, In Pain and Blood. It’s been stewing in my head ever since Through Smoke and Fire popped up, largely because it’s set in the same world, just a different kingdom and with different Main Characters. In fact, they’re looking to have only the world and its rules in common…

See, Through Smoke and Fire has a rebellious slave getting deeper and deeper in trouble after being sold to his new mistress.

Whereas In Pain and Blood is about a cocky spellster who becomes collateral damage after winning the right to join the king’s army.

Neither story influences the other.
So back to my current obsession…
Naturally, I found myself bouncing around trying to find a cover that matched what I could find, because that’s how I like to work. And you know what? I wound up on scrolling through Shutterstock to make my own cover, the actual one I plan to pair with the story… Actually manipulating images and not just putting text on a finished image.
It was a lot more fun than I thought it’d be.
The colour of the top two words still bugs me and is likely to get tweaked to hell and back, but I digress…
After the cover, I skipped straight to what’s looking to be chapters fourteen and fifteen or thereabouts and kicked off In Pain and Blood with what basically amounts to around eight thousand words of erotica… all whilst repeatedly listening to…

Yup… Now I’ve urge to go write two guys getting it on every time I hear this.

4 thoughts on “Songs Will Be The Death Of Me

  1. Dylan's a bit of a whore, actually. And bisexual, so there's with two different women, three if you include the new girl in the FMFM foursome and one MM… the last of which I've already got two chapters written.

    I've got a bigger image, but it looks better s a thumb for the moment because, technically, it's a mock until I pay for
    the images I used. Fortunately, I know what I've done and can easily replicate it.


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