The Rogue King – New and Improved and Coming Soon

April 2014 – I released The Rogue King into the world. I was satisfied with the story.

March 2015 – After much deliberation, I decided to integrate the companion novella into the main saga. This meant merging an extra 20k into The Rogue King. That meant going through the whole process all over again. In the meantime, I’ve let it bounce along as is.

October 2015 – That’s now. Yeah? The Rogue King has gone through its final check. It’ll be due for a re-release as soon as I see a proof. Because yeah, it’s 21,000 words bigger.

What does that mean for those who have purchased the old version?

Well… I plan to upload the electronic versions over the old, so it’ll be accessible via an update. What I can’t do anything about is the hard copies. Although I stopped more from being published as soon as I started this venture, there are a few out there. The majority of which are signed and with the old cover, so… I guess they could be considered limited editions?

4 thoughts on “The Rogue King – New and Improved and Coming Soon

  1. Well, apart from the obvious additions, there are a few chapters and an alteration to one of the originals. No point giving a quick rundown on Laccindy's five years at Rogue Rise when we see some of it.


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