Count me in for Nanowrimo 2015

Last year, I wasn’t in a position to participate in the worldwide frenzy that is the National Novel Writing Month. It comes in the middle of summer for me, which means fitting it in between general living, my daughter’s school work and her riding lessons…

But this year, I’m all in.

Currently, I’m working to clear my plate a bit by sorting out the other stories still in need of TLC. I’m giving myself the rest of October to do as much of Dark One’s Bride as I can as well as untangling the knotty problem of The Vengeful God…

But come the first of November, I shall attempt to write 50,000 words of In Pain and Blood. Now I already have about 22k scattered throughout the story, bits I smashed out that are not yet fit for the public eye, so I guess it’s more an additional 50k, but… if the complete chapters I have are anything to judge by, I’ve got a whole lot of wriggle room.

Are you doing nanowrimo?

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