Going Down The List…

My next stop in tackling the loose ends before Nanowrimo monopolises my November is detangling the issue I’ve got with The Vengeful God.

I’ve decided to rewrite a scene that was solely from Kael’s PoV, breaking it into one from Laccindy’s and Veng’s. Currently, I’m halfway through this process, having completed the first PoV. I lose a few things, change some others and gain more of everything as I always seem to when I rewrite. In all honesty, I think it flows better this way.

I may also add another scene a few chapters later, which will likely be my next stop, along with a few more major rewrites. Hoy. Whilst inserting the novella and its two PoVs (Laccindy’s especially) has given me a little more freedom in how things are laid out, it’s looking like any progress on Dark One’s Bride won’t be until December.

Anything you’re getting off your plate for Nanowrimo?

2 thoughts on “Going Down The List…

  1. This is only the second time for me and I didn't do it last time. I've been really slack for most of the year, so this is more of me kicking my own arse into gear by actually doing something.


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