Rewriting the Rewrites that I have Rewritten Before

I don’t think I’ve rewritten anything as much as I have done for The Rogue King Saga. And I don’t think so much has been changed as the ending to The Vengeful God.

Oh, the overall tone of the ending is the same. The people who die and the people who don’t stay the same. But how it happens gets cut or rearranged or the pov gets changed… and I’m doing all of that, again.

It currently goes like this…

The scene from Kael’s pov? Bam! Laccindy and Veng share the bulk of it. Done!
The bit at the end? Tack it onto Lasil’s pov. No, wait. The pacing’s wrong… That’s a new chapter then. Done!
Go back to Veng, rearrange the order things happen. Done!
Another new chapter for Kael! See if any of the stuff I kept from his old pov can be used. Done!
Now we’re back to Lasil’s original chapter… only it doesn’t work anymore, needs an overhaul. Done!
Veng’s chapter will now be Laccindy’s. Makes more sense for it to be her there anyway. Working on it!
Lasil’s chapter will now be Veng’s! Merge the beginning of one with the ending of the other. From fluff to angst!
Which means I might need a new chapter… most likely from Lasil’s pov.

Hoy. This is punishment for sending you through the wringer, isn’t it, Lasil? I’m sorry okay? It was all implied anyway. It just made more sense to let it happen.


Then it’s back to the original layout. And I was hoping to get it all sorted before November? Oh, dear…

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