In Pain and Blood – The Protagonist

Drawn by the delightful Yerin Yoo

So, I’ve a setting and a timeframe. But just who is this guy I plan to write about in November?

The easy answer is Dylan.

But that’s just a name, right? Not much to go on when I plan to put an entire story on this poor guy’s shoulders. I better have some idea what he’s like, how he’ll act.

Fortunately, I’ve garnered a bit of insight into him, and that got a generous push by giving me a storyline when I was listening to a certain song.

Dylan gives off the general the impression of being just another cocky, carefree bastard (in both senses of the word) of a spellster who’s actually more of a caring, inquisitive and protective nerd. But still, first a foremost, a spellster.
He’s also a bit of a flirt. More than a bit, actually.

I’ve a number of more basic facts, like his age (29), his height (6’1) and, of course, there’s his appearance (and, thanks to Yerin, his image is every bit as gorgeous as I imagined). He’s also bisexual.

Compared to his travelling companions, he’s a lanky and physically weak person who, on the whole, is woefully inexperienced at the whole outdoors thing. On top of that, he’s gathered a couple of quirks… namely a dislike of pants, an overenthusiastic approach to all things ancient, and an attachment to his “soul patch”.

He’s a master linguist, a moderate healer, and excels in both magical offense and defense with a preference towards using lightning (hence the cover). All of which leads to complicating his life in some way.

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