In Pain and Blood – The Main Cast

Now I know for certain that there’s no way my ill-prepared nerd could possibly make it from one city to the other on his own, let alone get across a kingdom. Well, to be fair, he might make it, but he’d be one hell of a mess… Er, more of a mess than he’ll wind up with help.
So… he picks up a number of people. Oddly, mostly women. I didn’t plan it that way, they just happened to be women…

There’s Katarina, a human hedgewitch (a sort of scholar from the neighbouring country). Although if you plan on calling her a human, you also better be prepared to run and run far because where Katarina’s from, they believe they’re the descendants of dwarves. She’s mainly with them because she stuck and there’s no one else around to help her return to her homeland.

Authril is a common elven soldier from the king’s army. Alongside Tracker, she’s the one who has a valid reason to be sticking around for as long as she does.

Marin, as a hunter, generally flies solo. She originally comes due to forces threatening her current abode and, as far as I can tell, stays for the yuks. She also tends to treat Dylan as a little brother.

Drawn by the lovely Tsyele

And lastly, we have Tracker, an elven hound, (that’s the king’s secret elite, trained to seek out, and occasionally nullify, spellsters). Seeing that Dylan is a spellster, this guy finds himself sort of obliged to tag along.

6 thoughts on “In Pain and Blood – The Main Cast

  1. I'm loving the sound of these characters. It took me a while to find other writers in the world and one of the first things I loved on discovering them, was finding that they also talked about their characters in the way I do, With fondness and extreme detail. Giving them a respect that mere mortals of the none writing ilk, could simply not understand. So I love reading stuff like this. So thank you, thank you and thank you again for sharing.


  2. I could talk about my characters for hours. Days, really.
    I used to do a weekly Introduction post of every single named character (some 200+ of them), but the lack of internet and the dwindling images I had to go with them sort of had it get pushed by the wayside. I might eventually return to it.


  3. A little bit, perhaps. Dwarves in this world vanished several thousand years ago, so if her ancestors ever were dwarves, then it's heavily diluted. And they don't have any spellsters. At least, not of someone who's native to the country.
    Still, they're considered as “the people who believe their ancestors are dwarves” rather than “human”. They're also the ones who live closest to how the dwarves used to live and they've several treaties that let them claim any dwarven relics (that's why she is where she is).


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