In Pain and Blood – The Tower Mains

If you’ve ever given the first chapter of In Pain and Blood a quick perusal, you’ll notice that Dylan doesn’t start his journey with any of what I consider as the main cast. I sort of have a divide of main tower people / main travelling people…

Nestria is an elven spellster, she’s Dylan’s cheeky-ass childhood friend, sometime lover and occasional sparring partner. She’s on par with him in magical talent, but loathes actually using her abilities in combat.

Sulin, the elven alchemist, is Dylan’s roomie. He’s as much of a flirt as Dylan is, although blunter about it and a little more select when it comes to who he sleeps with. He also got his tongue split in an accident. It’s not relevant to the story, just mentioning it.

Tricia, human, is Dylan’s guardian. She’s the one who is… adverse to him leaving. Ever. Considering that he does, you can bet she isn’t happy.

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