WINNER! But not done yet.

I finally reached the 50k mark with only one day to go! Validation was a bit tricky, but only because my writing was intertwined with the stuff I’d already written. So, National Novel Writing Month is over and I have to rehabilitate with my family, who hasn’t seen me much over the last twenty-nine days. Seriously, I spent all that time holed up in the bedroom with my little laptop. I’m missing my big desktop baby…

But In Pain and Blood is now a healthy 72k thanks to the 22000 words I’d previously had for it. That should make me close to being done, yes?

Well, no there’s actually still a fair way to go on the novel itself. I’ve only completed three chapters throughout this entire month. Which means I’ve 30 more to go… Maybe 28 depending on how the scenes line up. A lot of it is due to the fact that the chapters themselves are quite big. The completed ones average out to 5k each, the biggest having 7140 words. And there are incomplete ones sitting at 2-4k. They all add up quite nicely.

I’d say there’s probably at least another 50k lurking within the story. Mostly at the front where I haven’t yet fleshed out the story, I want to make his home a memorable place filled with people rather than names so that the feelings will match up. Considering I refuse to break it due to how it runs in the same world as the others I plan, it’s likely to become my biggest standalone to date.

But that’s all for later. Right now, I’m going to bask in the joy of getting 50,000 words done in 29 days.

6 thoughts on “WINNER! But not done yet.

  1. Congrats and glad to see you are coming out the writing cave to see friends and family. Writing can be a lone endeavor sometimes but we still need to remember and communicate with those close to us.


  2. Being done might take a while. There's so much to do and not just with this. Plus, the thing's acting like there'll be a sequel and I'm all “No, must wrap up in one book. Nothing afterwards.” but who am I kidding? The way this end, a sequel could be possible. Once everything else is done.


  3. Yeah, and it'll be complete in itself. However, if the after plot line doesn't settle down, then there'll be another book that'll either have to be complete in itself as well as a continuation or I'll have a duology within a series deal like Andre Norton's witch world saga. We'll see.


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