2015 on Reflection

Last year sort of sucked for me. I spent a lot of it in pain or stressed over our finances. I had a goal that was to get The Shadow Prince published. I’d even started to save a nice sum for its editing and cover. Sadly, a series of events conspired to not let that be so. I’ve mixed feeling on that, as I am now in process of adding the AToCaH chapters.

I had to let go of my car as it just started swallowing money. I’ve been driving my father’s secondary vehicle ever since my daughter switched schools, which is a bit of a blessing as the other car would’ve also been heinously expensive to travel back and forth in all the time. We do have another car, but we’re still working on making that road legal.

Our debts are finally settling. We’ve now got a working internet connection that doesn’t cost the earth. Paying $99 for 12GB is, quite frankly, ridiculous, especially when our five-person house managed to chew through $600’s worth in one month… Now we pay $99 for a month. And it doesn’t throw hissy fits if it rains. Yay!

I discovered I’m lactose intolerant now. Years of eating the stuff and, after a suspected ulcer, my body goes “nope!” But it’s amazing how much I don’t miss a lot of things (although it’s equally surprising what does have lactose in it) and how I actually enjoy rabbit food… I mean, salads. Some of them, anyway. I’m not a full convert.

I haven’t had caffeine for a whole year as I now drink mostly water and decaffeinated tea. I got addicted to apples. Specifically the Envy variety, of which no one stocks here until later on in the year. Red Delicious just isn’t the same, but they’ll do.

So yeah… that’s been my year.

Here’s to hoping I actually reach a damn goal this year, because I’m gunning for getting one of these damn books published.

2 thoughts on “2015 on Reflection

  1. That sucks about the car, but yay for the stable internet connection! I'm lactose intolerant too, but since I don't consume a lot of dairy, it doesn't affect me much. But occasionally, I'll have a nice cream sauce on my pasta, and then pay for it a half-hour later. Apples…mmmm…


  2. Ugh, I remember how my soy hot chocolate was accidently made with normal milk… Spend hours in agony.
    But I've these tablets for whenever I go out to eat with the family. They come in this handy little dispenser and I take three before I eat any dairy. I think the benefits last about an hour, but I was so pleased when I found out about them.

    Yes, apples. I must eat one mid-afternoon or I get terribly snakey.


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