When You’ve Three Possible Endings

What One Do You Take?

Last time I posted, I mentioned a fifth Spellster Novel rearing its little head, which is friggin’ fantastic… Not… Okay, maybe a little, but the rate these plots just pop up is terrible. There’s already quite a queue forming, my muse doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t always do things a mile a minute.

Most of the plotlines seem content to lay dormant, but this new one… Down the Path of Shadows… It doesn’t call to me to write quite as sharply as In Pain and Blood did, it just niggles in the back of my mind. I have a rough plot (if not names and places) and it mostly reads as romance, naturally, until I reach the end…

And that’s the niggle. The ending lends itself very easily to being tragic, whether in an “all guns blazing” sort of way or an “I’m alone” path as well as the traditional romance happy. And, whilst I know that the Spellster Series are, at the heart of it, all standalone novels, I still worry about taking that leap. The other stories may have hardship and pain, but the endings remain on the boundaries of a typical romance plot. To suddenly, after what’ll be four other books, insert a tragedy… I don’t know…

Through Smoke and Fire, In Pain and Blood, To Target the Heart, Burning Beneath the Sun, Down the Path of Shadows… Why you gotta break the stride, DtPoS?

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