Cover Reveal… Golden Dawn!

Eeee! I’m so excited!

Although, admittedly, it feels a little odd, going through the publishing process again for Golden Dawn, but yeah…
The last time Golden Dawn was released into the world, I’d rather sporadic internet back then, and had lost it completely by the original release date, leaving me with the option of hauling my desktop on an hour-round drive to my god mother’s place every few days just to get my emails. Trying to protect a hefty all-in-one cpu as you lug it through the rain certainly can’t be anyone’s idea of fun. I actually wound up with a broken CD drive.

Anyway… you didn’t come here to read my rambles about the past or my poor, abused computer.
You’re here for the cover.
I hope it’s worth this suspense.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Family and blood.

After 1100 years, these simple words mean everything to Herald. His life has been ruled by keeping his siblings safe, keeping them from becoming prey whilst feeding on the weaker. His failures have been many and measured by those he has lost. People like his twin brother.

There has always been another enemy.

Just who the enemy is comes into question when Herald meets the dangerous, angelic creature he is to guard. Wondering where his true loyalties lie is a dangerous thought. No matter whether he chooses family over the heart, it will mean death.

Only the right choice will ensure the life taken is not his.

Oh, and the full spread for the paperback

8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal… Golden Dawn!

  1. Thank you. It took a few days of tinkering and a little photoshop research.
    I DID manage to mimic the font used on the publisher's version, just bigger and… golder. Learnt a new technique to get them sparkly, too.

    Then I made three more mockups after this one for other stories. It's so much fun!


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