Is it Really Adult or… NA-h?

I’ve been thinking over this for perhaps as long as Dark One’s Mistress was first conceived. I may have even discussed it once before, but the more I look at it, the more I wonder…

Did I miscategorise it?

Way back in 2012, when I’d just finished the first draft, New Adult was a strange beast to me. I’d never read a book in that category. Some years later and I’ve devoured a number of NA novels, not as many as I would’ve liked thanks to being currently sans Kindle, but I digress…

I look at Dark One’s Mistress’ sequel, Dark One’s Bride, and I think about how it wouldn’t seem strange amongst NA books.

Granted, Clara’s at the younger end of the spectrum what with being 17, but the whole arc of the trilogy is… Well, rather New Adult-ish…

In Dark One’s Mistress, she’s rather like a child raging at the unfairness of it all, which is likely why I get reviews saying how unlikeable she is at first. I won’t deny she can be selfish and nasty and altogether stubborn, but I like to think she grows from that.

By Dark One’s Bride, she’s adjusted a bit and comfortable within her new home, but still uncertain on how to handle herself in the new setting of the court she’s put into and all the people’s expectations of her, as well as that of her own and Lucias’, along with other realities of a romantic relationship with a ruler who needs an heir.

Now in Dark One’s Wife, which I’ve yet to fully outline… Let’s just say where Dark One’s Bride had the friendly court, Dark One’s Wife has the not-so-friendly court. And of course, there’s still people trying to kill Lucias and control her. Without giving too much away, she makes a decision even he couldn’t make, but then she’s not the Great Lord’s Shield for nothing.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think that qualifies under the whole transition between adolescence and adulthood. Poor woman sure has one turbulent year…

There’s no concerns on the steamy side of things to keep me from classing it as New Adult. Dark One’s Mistress is a clean romance, they don’t even kiss until the end. Dark One’s Bride cranks up the steam and perhaps pushes the border a little, but still no sex. Dark One’s Wife? Well, the scene I have is near the end and, whilst in need of a rewrite, isn’t at all explicit.


2 thoughts on “Is it Really Adult or… NA-h?

  1. Yeah, that whole marketing side was what triggered a fresh niggle. I know of places that only review YA and NA, so if it could be classed as such, then those places are open to me.


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