In Pain and Blood – Reaching the 100k Mark

Well, then. It finally happened. In Pain and Blood has officially skipped its merry way over the 100k mark, and it’s not slowing down. If anything, it’s picking up speed and throwing in some extra chapters. I can’t believe I ever wondered how I’d manage to produce content for 36 chapters, now we’re pushing 41 and it taunts me with the possibly of needing even more.

Oh, and those steamy erotic scenes keep popping up. I mean, jeez, I know you like to get whilst the getting’s good, Track, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to try jumping him every time you’re alone.

But yeah, to date, there are 41 Chapters (with only nine of them complete, the sods) and in them are…

  • 10 Sex Scenes (So, if you’re not signed up to my Patreon, that’s about a quarter of the book you’re not reading until it’s published years down the line)
  • 7 Major Locations (Tower, Army camp, Toptower, Oldmarsh, Whitemeadow, Riverton and Wintervale… Hoy…)
  • 7 Fight scenes (Because, clearly, I hate myself)
  • 4 Hot ‘n’ heavy scenes (Because Tracker is a horny son of a female dog)
  • 4 Tavern scenes (Sometimes, good old campfire fare isn’t good enough)
  • 3 Inns (The Drunken Pilgrim, Wench and Cooper, and The Sheppard’s Axe)
  • 3 Bathing scenes (All of them totally legit. They travel and fight. Ergo, they get filthy)
  • 3 Healing scenes (Did I mention they fight?)
  • 3 Weapon-training scenes (Because they fight)
  • 2 Cavern/Tunnel scenes (Don’t ask)
  • 1 Brothel (The Gilded Lily ^_^)
  • 1 Swimming scene (Because how else would they reach the cavern?)
  • 1 Stitching dude up scene (Different from healing scenes, because reasons)
  • 1 Other scene I can’t divulge, because spoilers

Obviously, some of those scenes are pulling double duty. Otherwise, the numbers just don’t add up.

Each chapter is hitting about a rough 4500-word average (those sex scenes should be bloody outliers, but really I’ve a frigging half-written final battle scene that’s over 5k. Half. Written.). Even though I factored a loose 3000/3500-word goal per chapter… I’m looking down the barrel of a possible 160k novel. Considering that all my editing runs in the past three novels have only given me bigger novels, the final story is going to be a beast no matter what I do…

Welp, I hope you all like sprawling fantasy works with a lgbt theme and lots of erotic romance, because that’s what you’re gonna get.

In closing, here’s a picture of my two dorks snogging. Just because…
Dylan and Tracker done by Eveline Verburg

4 thoughts on “In Pain and Blood – Reaching the 100k Mark

  1. Oh yeah. Getting loads of writing done even with all the internal rearranging our family's doing of the furniture and stuff. I'm attempting to do Camp Nanowrimo, so far averaging 500 words a day, which is just great!


  2. Dude, you're making some good headway!

    April kind of smacked me upside the noggin and left me spinning on the floor. I'm just now crawling out of the ring. My Camp NaNo word count is sitting at a wonderful 462…

    Now I need to go catch up with Pantreon.

    Love the picture, btw. It is adorable!


  3. Yeah, got to keep on top of it so I can make good on my patreon promises. ^_^ Plus, Camp Nanowrimo. My OCD kicks in like crazy when I see that bar drop below the line.

    It is adorable, isn't it? Inspired by a scene, too.


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