Low Fantasy with Delusions of Epic Proportions

Remember when I said In Pain and Blood had hopscotched its way over 100k?

Yeah, I’m still banging away at it. At 112k now and, according to my outlines, I’m not quite 75% done. It’s a scary thought. I’m sort of glad this is going to be self-published. On the other hand… editing… *shudder*

But, according to multiple sources… such a word count seems ripe for an epic work rather than… well, this amalgamation of low fantasy, romance and lgbt erotica. I mean, I knew the story was going to be big. Really big. But on an epic scale?

Yeah… Nah…

For me, an epic fantasy novel boils down to one thing: world-changing consequences. Most of the ones I’ve read usually have this in the form of a war that drags in most, if not all, of the kingdoms. You have the obvious good guys (which largely includes a chosen one, who will have trials and tribulations on both a mammoth and personal scale) against the bad guys (who generally manage to pull a massive army out of somewhere).

I can’t yet say for certain about the entire spellster series, but In Pain and Blood, despite Dylan’s dalliance into the army, isn’t going to have some world-changing consequence for anyone but himself and his companions. Things happen, certainly, but in the end, the focus of this tale is on one person who’s no chosen one. More importantly, he could die and the world would be no different.

Now I’m not saying any of this is bad. I love epics with chosen ones. They’re my comfort read. But this… this not-so-little story is just a low fantasy with delusions of grandeur (alongside romance and sex)… Sort of like Dylan, which is fitting, I guess. ^_^

Have you ever had a story get away from you?

    2 thoughts on “Low Fantasy with Delusions of Epic Proportions

    1. I've never really thought about epic being like that, but I guess it's true. Huh. My story kind of fell into that.

      Dylan's story is great so far. It'll be epic, even if it isn't changing his world!


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