Strange Realisations

It’s been an interesting couple of days… First my daughter wound up with one of her friends falling on her after offering to give her a piggyback ride, diagnosis: bruised arm.
Then, that evening, she dropped our heavy wooden chopping board on her big toe… Cue waiting hours in A&E for the doctor, followed by a return trip the next day for an x-ray. Apparently, just bruised… You certainly wouldn’t guess it from her howling.

Needless to say, it’s not been the most conducive of conditions for writing, even if I’ve a fair bit to write about. So, fart arsing about it is…

Sort of.

During In Pain and Blood, whenever a new person comes on the scene, someone that Dylan hasn’t had prior contact with, he seems to have this odd habit of comparing his height to them. Maybe it’s due to him being so much taller than those he originally associated with. I mean…

Living in the land of the short. And… er… elfy.

There’s something I never noticed before I lined everyone up… He’s surrounded by elves.
It’s not everywhere in the tower, just his inner circle. If you look at it logically: Sulin is his roommate and Nestria’s his childhood friend, whereas Launtil and Harriet came later (as Ness’ friend and Hen’s girl respectively) but Henrie? I’m pretty sure he started being friends with the guy when he was young.
Just… how did they end up being almost exclusively elves?

Dylan, I swear, it’s small wonder you’re stuck with convincing certain someones that you’re into your own kind, too, and really don’t have some sort of sick pointy-eared fetish. Although, if memory serves, you don’t do it all that well.

(It’s curious to note that I also have a similar thing going on with raptereons, in The Rogue King Saga, literally every second minor character is raptereon. Still, those buggers breed like rabbits, they are everywhere. But… you could also turn it into a drinking game.)

It’s sort of like the massive imbalance I have of named spellsters compared to everyone else…

Colour-coded for Convenience

And a few of those people never even show their faces, they’re just names. The gall of them.

I suppose you could justify it as most of the people Dylan meets outside the tower are strangers and they aren’t likely to tell their name to the “weird guy in robes”. And there are his superiors… No names as of yet. Sergeant Jerk doesn’t get a name, nor does Lieutenant Arsehole. The king, the hound master, the king’s alchemist… these people all need names.

But the kingdom still seems to be full of nameless people. On one hand, it means no names to remember. On the other… I’ve currently a bevy of scouts, bandits, innkeepers, barmen, servants, waiters… The list goes on. Really, it does.

You ever find that your cast has a strange favouring of one thing over the other? Be it gender, race, species? Who do you think should get names?

Oh, and just because I can: I give you Authril in all her suspicious glory…
Done by Eveline Verburg

2 thoughts on “Strange Realisations

  1. Great picture of Authril! Gorgeous!

    I find myself with a shortage of normal, run-of-the mill humans. There's a much denser population of non-upholder regular humans than there are upholders and mixed-blood elemental descendants, but they hardly come up.

    What did you use for your height chart?


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