Sop and Cheese

The longer I linger beside the characters of In Pain and Blood, the more I find my perception of them changing.

Except for the epilogue, everything is filtered through Dylan’s PoV, how he feels about the world and those within it. But, no matter how things change, there’s one constant… How much of a romantic one particular character is.

If they were to be pigeon-holed, they’d be the flirty lovable rogue sort. That’s not all there is to them, obviously, but that’s the base from which everything grew. The abusive childhood, the loss of lovers, the training to harden his heart, the skewed humour… and the romantic streak a mile wide.

They’re the ones responsible for stuff like the middle portion of this…

In his defence, the guy is just wearing underwear and a flower crown.

And also this…

So cheesy. Much soppiness.

I’ve actually re-written chapter forty (a chapter I consider as done) several times because the words they want to say keep changing. And, of course, the damn thing grows with every pass.
Have you ever been embarrassed by a character’s actions/words?

2 thoughts on “Sop and Cheese

  1. I blame the steady diet of Disney movies I devoured throughout my childhood… And adulthood.
    I have to let them have their way, too, or they sulk and I get nothing done.


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