Genres All Over The Place

I am sooo teasing with the last cover here. 😛

Beyond them being set in the same world and being fantasy, there isn’t much that links the six novels I have planned for spellster series. Sometimes, even the genres don’t always agree with each other. Stands to reason, I suppose, they’re all different stories. So I have…

Through Smoke and Fire – I had planned for this f/m romance to be a dark, sweet one. I’m currently not sure if that’s still the direction it’ll go. I’ve got to get two others out of the way first, well… after I’m done with IPaB… and TSP, DOB, CN… 😳

In Pain and Blood – If you’ve been keeping up on my posts about this one, then you’ll know this carries a heavy romantic theme of the m/m variety with some erotica thrown in for good measure.

To Target the Heart – Now, this boy meets boy story was meant to be a pretty tame one, at least by IPaB’s standards, with hints of steamier stuff going on behind closed doors… Then I got to know Darshan a little better. You see, he tells me he has certain toys that he fully intends to show Hamish how to use (omg, the poor sheltered boy’s not going to know what hit him once I get to this). I’m rather on the fence on whether I’ll be writing these scenes or heavily alluding to them. So… it’s certainly wanting to veer off on the same path as IPaB.

Burning Beneath the Sun – I’ve known since day one that this one would be a clean f/f romance. The very nature of the plot allows for some kissing, but little else. I quite adore that idea as I’m also toying with this one being new adult.

Down the Path of Shadows – This started off as an another f/m romance that grew tragic. So… we have my first tragedy.

Spectre of the Golden Voice – This one’s new and, as of the moment, I’m not certain if there’s romance or one-sided obsession. Possibly another new adult work.

A lot of this came to mind as I was looking over the Amazon categories in preparation for when I re-release DOM (aiming for Sept/Oct, so I’ve got to finalise things by August at the latest) and… Well, I wound up thinking where these would lie. For the most part, they’ll be a bit scattered around Amazon. At least most of them will be in the romance section, that’s something, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Genres All Over The Place

  1. I’m going to have to get used to the lighter color scheme of your site. I’m so used to the darker one. If it’s any consolation, the Cera Chronicles are all over the board too. Granted, they have the same strain of humor and fantasy, but one is urban, one is cattle punk, one is noir, one is romance, etc…

    I think it’s okay. I think people are more apt to hunt by author name than rather stick to one genre.

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    1. And there’s the whole series link bit through Goodreads if they happen to stumble upon it.
      I guess my main concern is having the sweet romances abutting with the steamier works like IPaB, people who’d happily read Burning Beneath the Sun or Spectre of the Golden Voice won’t necessarily be interested in reading In Pain and Blood. At least Amazon lets me put an age range of 18+ on it.

      To be honest, I grew tired of the dark colour scheme ages ago and the layout never fell the way I wanted, which is to match my website as much as possible (once I’ve figured out what I want there). Everything just feels cleaner here. There’s still a few things I have to get used to, but I’m adoring the link up with my phone, which is far better than the blogger app ever was.


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